UC Davis Medical Students Visit JCF Hospital

On Thursday, May 17th, eight UC Davis first year medical students visited John C. Fremont Healthcare District, to see and learn more about rural health care. The students are currently in a summer program at UC Merced called the San Joaquin Valley Prime program (SJV). The program is a cooperative program between UC Davis, UCSF Fresno and UC Merced. These students are all attending UCSF Fresno for their clinical training and residency. The SJV program provides the context of working in the San Joaquin Valley and rural areas. Seven of the students are from the San Joaquin Valley area.

Escorted by Martha Robichaux, Chief of Human Resources, and Cynthia McAfee, Clinics Manager, the students visited Fremont Family Physicians, Fremont Specialty Physicians, the Laboratory, Cardiopulmonary, Med/Surg, Skilled Nursing, and the Emergency Department. They had the opportunity to meet and speak with Melissa Heyer, PA-C, Al Montoya, PA-C, Kristen Clayton, Chief Nursing Officer, Dr. McClanahan, Med-Surg, and Albert Rodriguez, RN, Emergency Department.

Matthew Matthiessen, District CEO, met Paul Brown, PhD, Professor of Health Economics and Public Health Director, Health Sciences Research Institute at UC Merced, at a Mariposa Rotary meeting last March. Their conversation soon went to how JCF could be involved with the SJV program. Professor Brown thought JCF was a perfect facility for medical students to see the full scope of rural health care. A second group of medical students are scheduled to visit JCF in July. This group will be new students just beginning the UC medical program.

"It's exciting to be involved with the SVJ Program and the UC system. Working with Professor Brown, we are exploring the possibility of our clinics as a site where the UC medical students could perform some of their clinical rotations and get rural experience," said Matthew Matthiessen, CEO.
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