You've Got a Friend

Support Groups, Open to Anyone

Meeting people who are going through the same situation, sharing experiences, and coping techniques, does make one feel less alone. You do have a friend.

Our Social Worker Services offers: a Care Givers Group, a Bereavement Group, and a HIV Support Group. One does not have to be a patient to attend these meetings, anyone may attend.

The Care Givers Support Group is here to help people who are the care giver of an elderly, ill, or compromised loved one. Attendees learn from one another by sharing information, experiences, and coping techniques.

Guest speakers occationally attend addressing specific topics, such as alzheimers, parkinsons disease, etc.

__________________________________, leads the group.

Meetings are not being held at this time.

The Bereavement Group offers support for those who have lost a loved one or friend. Bereavement issues are addressed in an open and caring atmosphere, with others who are experiencing feelings associated with loss.

Meetings are not being held at this time.

The HIV/AIDS Support Group meets __________________________. Call Sean Aiken for further information at 209-966-3631, ext 4003.

For further information about these support groups, please contact the Home Health office at 209-966-3800.
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