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Picture of the front view of John C. Fremont Healthcare Department.
Picture of the front view of John C. Fremont Healthcare Department.

About Us

John C. Fremont Healthcare District was established in 1947 and has been serving the Mariposa community (Mariposa County, parts of Madera County [Ahwahnee, Nippinawassee, & Oakhurst], Yosemite National Park, Fish Camp, Coulterville, Greeley Hill and Lake Don Pedro) with healthcare services since 1951.

John C. Fremont Healthcare District is the nearest hospital with emergency services for Mariposa County residents.

Our hospital is a 34-bed facility (18 acute beds and 16 long-term care beds) with a 24-hour emergency department and clinical laboratory. We have three clinics, our Fremont Family Physician clinic, Fremont Specialty Physician clinic and our Northside clinic.

We offer a variety of health services to care for our community: Acute patient care, Cardiopulmonary, Education, Long Term Nursing, Home Health, Hospice, Imaging (Bone Density, Digital Mammography, Ultrasound, CT, MRI), Laboratory, Respiratory Therapy, Ryan White (AIDS/HIV), Social Services, Outpatient and a variety of specialty services.

Our Emergency Department treated over 7,100 patients last year, providing immediate treatment for heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolisms, rattlesnake bites, chest pain, allergic reactions, and asthma.

We partner with local air ambulance helicopter services to rapidly transport patients who need critical specialized care from our healthcare facility helipad. With this service we have reduced emergency response times by 25 minutes.

On this website, explore our medical services, learn about our physicians, sign-up for our monthly newsletter, and stay up to date with our monthly Board Meetings.

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