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First Aid Training - Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. First aid course on cpr dummy.
First Aid Training - Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. First aid course on cpr dummy.


Our Pulmonary Function Tests are back!

Are you someone who has breathing difficulties?

Current or former smoker? Asthma?

Have you experienced heart failure or have a neuromuscular disease?

Talk with your medical provider today to see if Pulmonary Function Tests are right for you!

What are Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs)?
PFTs are a group of non-invasive diagnostic tests that assess how well your lungs are functioning.

They measure various aspects of lung capacity, airflow, and gas exchange to help diagnose and monitor respiratory conditions.

They encompass several different measurements, including: spirometry, lung volume, diffusion capacity and more.

Spirometry is the most common PFT, where the patient breathes into a mouthpiece connected to a spirometer to assess lung volume and airflow.

What do PFTs help with?
PFTs play a crucial role in diagnosing and managing various respiratory conditions, including:
-Diagnosing Lung Disease
-Evaluating Disease Severity
-Assessing Treatment Response
-Preoperative Screening
-Monitoring Occupational Exposure

Who are PFTs for?
-Patients with Breathing Difficulties, those who experience shortness of breath, wheezing or a persistant cough (helps determine the underlying cause)

-Smokers and Former Smokers, PFTs are essential for early detection and intervention of lung diseases like COPD

-Workers exposed to hazardous substances or conditions that may affect lung function

-People with Chronic Health Conditions, like asthma, heart failure or neuromuscular diseases

-Patients scheduled for major surgery, especially those involving the lungs or thoracic region

-People needing PFTs for Pre-Employment

PFT's can be done on Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Additional services our Cardio Dept. provides:
  • Overnight oximetry
  • Holter monitoring, recording the electrical activity of the heart over an extended period, typically 24-48 hours
  • Stress Tests (only the 3rd Wednesday of every month) recording the electrical activity of the heart and blood pressure before, during, and after exercise

Call 209-966-3631, ext. 1125/1126 for more information
FAX # 209-409-3804
For faxing orders, please send them to admitting fax # 209-409-3799

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