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Picture of a Nurse in the Emergency Care Department wearing goggles, face mask, and gloves giving a hang loose with his hand

Emergency Services

24-Hour Emergency Care

John C. Fremont Hospital emergency department treated over 5,800 patients last year. Our emergency department's medical staff is here to provide the best quality care to our patients. They are supported by 24-hour coverage of our testing facilities, including laboratory and radiology. We work closely with EMS personnel to provide service to our community. In addition, we work with air ambulance services. Air ambulance service is available to rapidly transport critical patients who need specialized care not available at JCFHD either from our healthcare facility of from the scene of an accident.

The District is contracted with EmCare (an Envision Healthcare company) for our Emergency Department Physician coverage. The Emergency Physicians are private doctors who provide direct treatment, diagnostic services, and/or supervision of care for patients they encounter in the Emergency Department. If you receive a bill from the Emergency Physicians, it will pertain only to these professional services.

If you are sent a bill from the Hospital, it will only pertain to charges incurred for the use of the Emergency Department treatment area, technical and ancillary personnel, supplies, and equipment and it will not include the Emergency Physicians' fee.

If you have a question pertaining to the Emergency Physician's bill, please contact their business office Monday through Friday, 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM at 1-800-355-2470.

If you receive any x-rays, CT Scan, or ultrasound procedures you will also receive a separate bill from the Radiologist for the reading of the x-ray or scan or ultrasound procedure.

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