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Step 1: Once the offer of employment has been made, you will receive a link via email to complete the onboarding paperwork. Visit our Getting Started page by clicking the highlighted link in this step . The Getting Started page will provide the information you need prior to your first day at John C. Fremont Healthcare District. A checklist is provided to allow you to check off steps as they are completed to ensure that everything has been taken care of prior to your New Employee Orientation. ​

Step 2: Visit our Orientation page by clicking the highlighted link in this step. The Orientation dates can be found on the orientation page.

Step 3: Visit our Benefits page by clicking the highlighted link in this step. Benefit information will be reviewed in detail during New Employee Orientation. Reviewing the Benefits page prior to Orientation will help you become familiar with what John C. Fremont Healthcare District offers.

Step 4: Visit our FAQ page by clicking the highlighted link in this step. Answers to our most common questions can be found on the FAQ page.

Step 5: Our employment team is Julie Adair, HR Director and
Michelle Hoyt, HR Coordinator - Extension 5152; become familiar with their names as they are here to assist you.

HR is located behind the hospital, at the west end of the campus, next to the Administration and Fiscal building. Parking is available next to our building.

Step 6: Visit our Notices page by clicking the highlighted link in this step. The Notices page contains State and Federal required information.

New Employee Orientation (NEO)

When: NEO is scheduled on the third Thursday of the month unless otherwise noted.

Time: NEO begins promptly at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 4:30 p.m.

Where: NEO is being held in person in the Boardroom, located in Administration. There is decreased capacity to allow for social distancing.

Things to know:

You must arrive for the NEO session by 8:30 am. If you are more than 15 minutes late without contacting Human Resources to let someone know, you will be asked to reschedule. Contact information is provided below.
HR will provide you with an ID badge on your first day of work. You must have possession of and be wearing the ID badge prior to starting every work shift. If you do not have your ID badge, you should immediately contact HR for a replacement.
Inquiries regarding NEO should be directed to Michelle Hoyt, HR Coordinator.
You will be paid for NEO. A lunch break will be provided.
You do not have to dress in uniform (business casual, scrubs, district provided uniform) for NEO. Appropriate casual attire is permitted.

Diversity, Culture and Inclusion

At John C. Fremont Healthcare District, we strive to ensure our culture is inclusive. We are always working to cultivate a diverse workforce as we understand that diversity brings together different perspectives and encourages innovation.

John C Fremont Healthcare District prohibits discrimination in accordance with state and federal law. For more information, please visit:

This initiative requires a focused, concerted effort from everyone within the organization. We continue to work to provide continued education on diversity, inclusion, equity and cultural competence in all we do - including providing access to quality healthcare services and hiring caregivers to reflect the diversity of those we serve.

It takes all of us to do the incredible work that we do, delivering quality care to our community. Our community is our family and we take pride in being of service to them.

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