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Anesthesiologist keeping track of vital functions of the body during cardiac surgery.
Anesthesiologist keeping track of vital functions of the body during cardiac surgery.

Medical/Surgical Unit

JCFHD understands that most people do not choose to be hospitalized and would prefer to be at home. We will do our best to make sure that your stay is comfortable and to help you return to your home as soon as possible. We understand that support from family members often allows for a quicker recovery. We want to not only accommodate the patient but also their families (during visiting hours).

The Medical/Surgical unit can accommodate up to 9 patients, and telemetry beds are available, monitored 24 hours a day.

JCFHD is pleased to announce that our inpatient rooms have recently been renovated. Some of the enhancements include:

  • Stryker electric beds equipped with built in scales and bed alarms
  • Four beds contain state of the art air-flow mattresses that promote healthy skin integrity
  • Night stands, bedside tables and high back chairs for patients use as well as guests
  • Flat screen televisions
  • Dry erase boards to promote staff/patient/family/communication

JCFHD's nursing staff consists of professional registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants. They provide 24 hour nursing care for medical and surgical patient. All of our Nursing Staff are trained in the American Health Associations' Basic Cardiac Life Support. Our registered nursing staff is also trained in Advance Cardiac Life Support.

An interdisciplinary team will be working together to provide your care and to prepare you for discharge. Our highly trained staff knows that each patient is unique and will base your patient care on individual physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs. During your stay at JCFHD, you will receive patient education and information that is important to your recovery and future health.

Planning for discharge begins when you are admitted and continues through your hospital stay. We will help you and your family prepare for your discharge time so that your transportation will be available and your return home will be as timely as possible.

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