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Senior Team

Photo of Matthew Matthiessen
Matthew Matthiessen
Chief Executive Officer
Brown Act Training

Photo of Julie Adair
Julie Adair
Director Human Resources

Photo of Lynn Buskill
Lynn Buskill
Chief Operations Officer

     Lynn is a long tenured hospital leader who is has a proven track record of leading teams to achieving a variety of quality, safety, patient satisfaction, productivity, and efficiency goals. She has been recognized as a national leader in perioperative services and hospital operations. Lynn's research has been featured on the cover of the USA today for the use of technology in operating rooms and improving patient safety. She began her career in the operating room and has held a variety of positions in that arena including the VP of Perioperative Services with national oversite. Lynn holds a Doctorate of Hospital Administration and a Masters of Nursing along with several certifications that validate her expertise in hospital operations and patient care. Throughout her career she has built 3 hospitals, streamlined services and improved patient outcomes, all of which will be useful at John C. Fremont Healthcare District.

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