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Senior Team

Photo of Lynn Buskill
Lynn Buskill
Interim Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operations Officer

     Lynn is a long tenured hospital leader who is has a proven track record of leading teams to achieving a variety of quality, safety, patient satisfaction, productivity, and efficiency goals. She has been recognized as a national leader in perioperative services and hospital operations. Lynn's research has been featured on the cover of the USA today for the use of technology in operating rooms and improving patient safety. She began her career in the operating room and has held a variety of positions in that arena including the VP of Perioperative Services with national oversite. Lynn holds a Doctorate of Hospital Administration and a Masters of Nursing along with several certifications that validate her expertise in hospital operations and patient care. Throughout her career she has built 3 hospitals, streamlined services and improved patient outcomes, all of which will be useful at John C. Fremont Healthcare District.

Photo of Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith
Chief Financial Officer

     Andrew is a dynamic Chief Financial Officer with significant experience implementing accounting controls and financial infrastructure functions in multiple industries. With a strong adherence to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), Andrew ensures that all rules and regulations are adhered to. Andrew is affectionately known as an accountant with a personality. Andrew utilizes a servant leadership style to inspire his team members to continually grow professionally. He has earned a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Accounting from National University and a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting/Finance from California State University, Fresno.

Photo of Lisa Hoyle
Lisa Hoyle
Chief Nursing Officer

     Lisa is a seasoned transformational Nursing Executive with over 25 years of progressive leadership and management experience in various sized for profit and not for profit hospitals. Known by staff as a "nurses nurse", she is a proven leader that inspires and advances the practice of nursing in achieving excellence in quality outcomes and the patient experience. Her expertise in building teams and creating healthy work environments resulted in reductions in patient harms and nursing turnover. Lisa holds a Nurse Executive Advanced Certification, is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives, a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality, and a Certified Professional In-Patient Safety (CPPS). She earned her BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) and her MSN (Master of Science in Nursing) from the State University of New York and her DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) from Rush University. Her capstone project (Condition Yellow: a hospital-wide approach to ED overcrowding) was published in the Journal of Emergency Nursing.

Photo of Julie Adair
Julie Adair
Director Human Resources

     Julie is an ambitious HR executive who creates strategic alliances with organization leaders to effectively align with and support key business initiatives. Builds and retain high performance teams by hiring, developing and motivating skilled professionals. Proactive business adviser, innovative internal consultant, and influential collaborator. Dynamic relationship builder with a high level of business acumen. Creative problem solver who integrates integrity and respect into all business dealings. Her experiences span strategic change management, communication development, culture assessment, leadership coaching, business process re-engineering, merger & acquisition restructuring. She has over 20 years healthcare experience and received a degree in Business Administration from Colorado State University, Fort Collins.

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