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Hand protecting family on wood table. Healthcare and life insurance concept
Hand protecting family on wood table. Healthcare and life insurance concept

Social Services

Social Services are an important part of our health care team at JCFHD. Our social workers help patients and families cope with the challenges and problems that can be brought on by illness or life changes.

Social Workers assist with:

Advance Directives
Social Services support a patient's/resident's right to participate in making decisions about their health care. They provide patients/residents and families with information about advance health care instructions including living will, health care treatment directives, and durable powers of attorney. JCFHD respects a patient's right to participate in planning his/her health care, either directly through written instructions, or by appointment of another person to make decisions when the patient is unable to communicate his/her wishes.

Advanced Health Care Directives are Notarized free of charge.

Discharge Planning
Social Services assist in developing and implementing individual plans to ensure your care continues after you leave the hospital. Contact social services when help is needed for:
Nursing home placement
Rehabilitation placement
Hospice care
In-home community services

Contact Case Management at 209-966-3631, x-5103 for more information

Community Resources

Social Services have detailed knowledge of available resources to help with problems such as:
Legal issues, such as guardianship's
Alcohol & Drug abuse

Crisis Intervention and Counseling

Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) are able to provide individual counseling for any of the following:
Crisis situations
Grief & Loss
Family Conflict
Changes in physical or mental capabilities

Contact Fremont Family Physician Clinic at 209-966-0850 for an appointment

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