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New CEO takes over at Fremont Hospital

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 18, 2023
Mariposa, CA - After an exhaustive nationwide search and a dozen initial interviews, the John C. Fremont Healthcare District Chair Wendy Ryder-Priola has announced the selection of a new CEO. Michael Zimmerman takes over the post on December 21.

Zimmerman arrives from rural Arizona and will be looking for a home in the area when his wife retires in June. “His extensive background in hospitals in rural areas with rural health clinics, along with experience in hospital construction, made him the perfect fit,” stated Ryder-Priola.

Board Treasurer Suzette Prue added, “His vast knowledge of financial matters made him the perfect candidate at this critical juncture at Fremont Hospital.”

Zimmerman was one of three final candidates who made a visit to Mariposa to meet with community members, medical staff, department heads, and employees, and a final in-person interview with the board of directors. Each group was invited to offer feedback on the candidates.

His contract calls for Zimmerman to be paid $275,000 a year and to be reimbursed up to $25,000 in moving expenses after moving receipts are presented to the healthcare district. In addition, there is a built-in retention bonus of $5,000 a year for the next four years.

During his interview Zimmerman committed to staying until a year after the new hospital is built. To comply with SB1953 for seismic upgrades new hospitals throughout California must be built by 2030. Mariposa County residents approved Measure O in 2022 to provide funding for the construction.

Zimmerman will hit the ground running Thursday morning with a meeting with representatives of the USDA who will be onsite for a visit before approving funding for the new hospital construction. Selection of an architect will happen late winter or early spring and progress will start at that time.


See our progress!

Our next Town Hall (previously scheduled for September 21st) has been postponed.

We will keep you informed of the next scheduled date.

John C. Fremont Healthcare District is committed to transparency. In March, we held a Town Hall meeting to discuss the findings of an independent review of our hospital. The review identified a number of areas where we needed to improve. We have created a spreadsheet to track our progress in addressing these findings.

Out of the 47 findings, only 12 remain in progress.

Our team has done an incredible job in completing over 72% of the action items listed!

The spreadsheet below is color-coded to show the status of each task. Green indicates that the task has been completed, yellow indicates that the task is in progress, and blue indicates that the task is in progress and pending Board approval.

(Click here for Town Hall Findings Spreadsheet, updated as of 7/12/23)

We are committed to keeping the community informed of our progress. We will update the spreadsheet regularly and we will also provide periodic reports on our progress.

We believe that transparency is essential to building trust with the community. We are committed to working with the community to make our hospital the best it can be.

Stay tuned for more information.

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