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Current openings include:

Social Media Guru: Assist in the content creation process and design of JCF digital media assets. Updating posts across all JCF social media outlets.

Portal Pro Wizard: Help coach patients to navigate their patient portal with ease, from logging in to messaging their doctor.

Care Companion: Be the friendly face that greets patients with a warm smile, helping support them to and from their appointments.

Admit Allies (Welcome Mat): Once a patient is admitted from the emergency room to inpatient, Admit Allies will assist them in getting situated in their room.

Senior Steward: Spending quality time with long-term care residents, engaging in conversation and activities.

Halo Helpers (Hospice): Spend quality time with patients and assisting family with any basic needs or errands.

Photo of JCFHD First Aid Booth

The benefits of volunteering include:
Fulfillment Through Impactful Volunteering: Experience a profound sense of fulfillment by making a positive impact on the lives of others, contributing to their well-being and recovery.

Skill Development in Healthcare Settings: Gain valuable skills such as effective communication, teamwork, and empathy, while also acquiring exposure to medical terminology and patient care practices.

Networking Opportunities in Healthcare: Connect with professionals in the healthcare industry, opening doors to potential mentorship, job opportunities, and impactful career advancement.

Compassion and Empathy Enhancement: Develop heightened compassion and empathy through exposure to diverse patient experiences, fostering a deeper understanding of others' struggles and challenges.

Community Engagement for Health Impact: Contribute to your community's well-being and address healthcare needs, fostering a sense of community and civic responsibility.

Personal Growth and Confidence Boost: Experience personal growth and increased self-confidence by stepping out of your comfort zone, dealing with challenges, and working with diverse groups of people.

Resume Building in Healthcare: Strengthen your resume with valuable volunteer experience in a hospital or healthcare setting, showcasing your commitment to the field and relevant skills.

Stress Relief Through Helping Others: Find stress relief by focusing on the needs of patients and actively contributing to their well-being, offering a positive distraction from personal challenges.

Continuous Learning and Development: Take advantage of learning opportunities, attending training sessions, workshops, or seminars offered by healthcare facilities, fostering continuous intellectual growth.

Health and Well-Being Benefits: Experience positive effects on physical and mental health through volunteering, with studies linking meaningful activities to reduced stress levels and improved overall well-being.

IF this sounds like you, we would love to talk!

Please click below to submit your application and we will give you a call within 2 days.

Volunteer Application

For any additional questions contact:
Jody Sergienko - Volunteer Coordinator
John C. Fremont Healthcare District
5189 Hospital Road
Mariposa, CA 95338
Phone: (209) 966-3631 Ext. 4008

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