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Friends of Hospice

Statement of Purpose/Mission Statement

Friends of Hospice was formed to raise monies to benefit hospice patients in Mariposa County. We assist patients with equipment and service needs, train volunteers, and provide funds for assist with the ongoing education needs of hospice staff. The 'Friends of Hospice Library' provides resources pertaining to the care of hospice patients, dying, grievance, and spiritual growth.

Money for these services is raised through donations and such activities as raffles, rummage sales, pie sales, etc. Friends of Hospice gratefully accepts donations in honor or in memory of a lost loved one.

Friends of Hospice (FOH) is a Non-Profit 501C3 identity. We work hard to raise money to benefit John C. Fremont's Hospice patients and their families. FOH follows regular business by-laws and meeting standards.

Our 4 categories of concern include:
Medical Related issues
Comfort Measures
Burial Related issues
Staff Education.

Friends of Hospice Funds will only be used for:
1. Current Hospice Patient or Patient's Family
2. Current Staff Continuing Education as it relates to Hospice or Palliative Care
3. Purchasing/Renting Medical Equipment for Hospice patient when the Patient/family can not afford to pay for it themselves or that it would be a      hardship for them to do so.
4. The following items when the Hospice Patient qualifies for agency charity care as indicated in the Government Income Guidelines as published      in the Federal Register:
Medical Bills
Medical equipment for a patient
Massage / Acupuncture
Mileage Assistance
Hair cut
Rent or Mortgage
House Hold Bills
Funeral Services, Cremation, Burials

Every request is reviewed by the FOH committee. Four signatures of FOH Board members are required to approve or deny a request.


Being a volunteer is very rewarding and we are always looking for new people to join our team. Volunteers can work either directly with patients or work in the office as administrative volunteers. All of our FOH volunteers are required to take a 26-hour Hospice training class (this can be done class room style, or by self learning with videos and a work book). In addition FOH volunteers must undergo a background check and a medical screening to insure the safety and welfare of our patients.

Contact us through John C. Fremont Hospice at 1-877-359-4504 or 1-209-966-3800, or by email at:

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